Reckless driving fines skyrocket up to JD300, are you at risk?

reckless driving
(Photo: X/Twitter)
AMMAN — The Public Security Directorate has focused on addressing reckless driving under the revised Traffic Law of 2023. Their recent statement emphasizes the severity of this offense, noting that it involves endangering others through reckless or showy driving. Penalties include vehicle impoundment for 24 hours to 30 days, along with imprisonment of one to two months or a fine ranging from JD200 to JD300. These penalties can be applied concurrently. If the offense is repeated within a year, the fine doubles.اضافة اعلان

 The Directorate underscores that reckless driving is not just a violation but a potential threat to both the driver and others, as accidents can turn even confident drivers into unwitting killers, Ammon News reported. 

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