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Prices of vegetables go up, farmer blame mainly frost

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(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Director-General of the Jordanian Farmers Union Mahmoud Al-Oran said that the sector is passing through difficult circumstances, particularly because of the impact frost had on most crops. اضافة اعلان

Oran said the current season is one of the harshest for the sector, both for agriculturalists and animal breeders, and that frost repeatedly affected different parts of the Kingdom, including the northern and central Jordan Valley.

He pointed out that “spring frost” is considered one of the most dangerous types of frost, and as a result of it, quantities of vegetables delivered to the central market may decrease, and there will be “scarcity”.

“The tomato crops at this time of past years reached up to about 1,000 tonnes, and now only about 300 tonnes are yielded; it is also the case with eggplant and other types of vegetables,” Oran said.

He urged citizens not to binge buy vegetables, especially during the holy month of Ramadan, as all kinds of vegetables are still available.

Farmer Mahmoud Al-Enezi told Jordan News that farmers are passing through difficult conditions, and warned that the prices will continue to go up if the situation remains as it is.

Enezi added that the farmers’ inability to produce more is one of the most prominent reasons for the rise in prices of vegetables.

“The Ministry of Agriculture should support the sector financially, to help us, farmers, to stand on our feet again,” he said, adding that frost is not the only reason vegetable prices could go up.

“Farmers are going through hard times, at all levels, and another rise in the prices of vegetables and fruits could be expected if the situation remains as it is, especially in light of the shrinking of our agricultural lands and the global increase in prices of agricultural inputs,” he added.

People have complained about the prices of many types of vegetables, such as cucumbers and tomatoes, in the past few days; many said that prices of vegetables that are more often used should not rise, especially since a significant number of citizens who cannot afford to buy meat live on vegetables.

Youssef Abdin, a citizen, told Jordan News that prices vary from one place to another, “but I noticed an increase in the prices of some types of vegetables these days. I believe that the government should tighten its control over the pricing of many items, which is now monopolized by some traders who play with the prices”.

Abdin stressed that “citizens’ consumption of vegetables increases in the holy month of Ramadan, and prices should be dropped in light of the hard economic conditions we are facing”.

He stressed that the frost that affected so many crops will affect the quantity and quality of production, stressing that “the ministry should inspect the damages and compensate the affected farmers to enable them to continue their production”.

Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Supply Spokesman Yanal Barmawi told Jordan News that the higher prices of some vegetables, witnessed recently, are due to fewer supplies “because of the frost that affected the crops and reduced the quantity of produce”.

He, however, said prices are expected to go down again in the upcoming days.

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