Over half a million new health cards issued in Jordan for 2023

health insurance
(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Dr. Nael Adwan, director of the Health Insurance Department at the Ministry of Health, announced that as of Thursday, 545,229 health cards were issued to new beneficiaries in 2023. These cards include employees, retirees, beneficiaries, and higher-income groups (50,631 cards), state-supported categories (100,667 cards), and optional insurance (11,689 cards). اضافة اعلان

Additionally, 382,242 cards were renewed for 2023, distributed among various groups. The total number of active cards within the social security network is 164,936. The Government Health Insurance Fund covers approximately 3.5 million beneficiaries, including children under 16, Khaberni reported.

There are also around 285,000 insured individuals, with 650,000 being under 16. This diverse group includes children under 6, recipients of national assistance, seniors above 60, those in the poorest category, and economically disadvantaged families, totaling 1,408,000 third-degree category insured individuals. Subscribers to the Civil Health Insurance Fund can request changes to their health insurance cards while maintaining monthly subscription payments. 

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