Gov’t’s role in healthcare system requires redefining – Phoenix Center

Phenix Center for Economics & Informatics Studies. (File photo: Jordan News)
AMMANPhenix Center for Economics & Informatics Studies calls on the government to further intervene in the ongoing dispute between Jordanian insurance companies and Jordanian Medical Association regarding the medical fees schedule to ensure citizen's health rights. اضافة اعلان

They emphasized that forming a committee under the Ministry of Health's General Secretary to find solutions agreeable to both parties would likely lead to increased medical fees and consequently higher insurance premiums, which wouldn't solve the issue, Ammon News reported.

According to the statement, the ongoing dispute between insurance companies and the association highlights the gaps in Jordan's healthcare system. This dispute extends beyond financial disagreements and exposes larger systematic challenges that could jeopardize the health rights of hundreds of thousands of Jordanians.

Redefining the state’s roleThe statement emphasized the necessity for the government to reconsider its approach towards healthcare rights. It suggests that a qualitative shift is urgently needed to redefine the state's role from a diminishing participant to a pivotal actor ensuring comprehensive, scientifically sound healthcare services.

They said that the core principles of the right to health underscore that all citizens, regardless of social and economic standing, are entitled to the highest attainable standard of healthcare. It observes that this noble vision of health as a universal right faces challenges in Jordan, revealing a discrepancy between the state's commitments and its economic choices.

The Center perceives that the government's trend towards austerity measures over three decades, aligned with directives from international financial institutions, particularly the International Monetary Fund, has led to significant shifts in the national healthcare landscape.

It warns that this shift, from a state-centric healthcare system to a market-driven one, casts doubt on the state's commitment to safeguarding citizens' health rights. The diminishing role of the state in upholding health rights and providing healthcare services, whether intentionally or inadvertently, has resulted in succumbing to corporate interests, often at the expense of citizens.

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