Over 20 political parties rectify status in Jordan, says IEC

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AMMAN — The Independent Election Commission (IEC) in Jordan has announced that more than 20 political parties have successfully reconciled their statuses, with an additional 13 parties scheduled to rectify their positions during their upcoming annual general conference on Sunday.اضافة اعلان

According to Muhammad Khair Al-Rawashdeh, the spokesperson for the IEC, as of the Thursday, 20 political parties have completed the official establishment application process and have had their statuses approved.

Deadline approaches for party rectificationRawashdeh emphasized that the legal period for parties to rectify their status ends by the close of business on Monday, May 15. As part of this process, the IEC's Parties Unit has been actively engaging with 13 parties over Friday and Saturday, facilitating their general conferences in order to assist them in regularizing their statuses.

It is expected that the IEC will convene on Sunday to demand that the remaining political parties achieve a quorum and hold their general conferences promptly, said Rawashdeh.

The deadline for submitting the necessary documents to reconcile their status was set by the IEC on April 20, requiring parties to meet the stipulations outlined in Article 40/b of the Political Parties Law.

SuccessesAmong the political parties that have already rectified their statuses are the Jordanian Equality Party, Jordanian Democratic People's Party (Hashd), Qudwa Party, New Nahj Party, National Coalition Party, Islamic Action Front Party, Blessed Land Party, National Pact Party, Shura Party, Jordanian Social Democratic Party, Democratic Unionist Party, and the Jordanian National Union Party.

Additionally, the Irada Party, Tomorrow Party, Future and Life Party, Justice and Reform Party, Democratic Popular Unity Party, National Integration Party, Jordanian National Constitutional Party, and the Labor Party have successfully resolved their status issues.

Terms for foundingThe parties unit has published instructions outlining the requirements for founding parties to rectify their status within a year from the effective date of the Parties Law, starting from May 15, 2022.

These requirements include holding a general conference that adheres to the conditions set for the founding conference. Such conditions entail a minimum of 1,000 present members, with at least 30 individuals from each of the six governorates.

Additionally, it is mandatory for 20 percent of conference attendees to be women, and at least one physically-challenged person must be present.

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