IEC chairman ‘regrets’ past funding allocation for political parties

(File photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — In a session titled "Political and Party Participation" held under the auspices of HRH Crown Prince Hussein, chairman of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) Musa Maaytah said he regrets past funding decisions made by the IEC for political parties.اضافة اعلان

Acknowledging mistakes in the past, Maaytah stated that the IEC "bear(s) responsibility for the fixed annual funding that was previously allocated to parties, where some of them did not participate in the elections."

IEC roleRegarding the implementation of laws, Maaytah stated that the IEC is responsible for ensuring compliance in terms of numbers and conferences and does not interfere in political programs, Hala News reported.

He noted that laws were implemented faster than ever before, and projects were referred to the House of Representatives and approved in one session, regardless of whether they were related to parties or elections.

Influence over quantityMaaytah also emphasized the importance of parties being influential and having programs that convince citizens.

He pointed out that parties will move to 50 percent of the seats in the next parliamentary term, indicating that the ball is now in the court of parties and citizens.

He added that what is important is not the number of parties but their influence, and citizens are the judges. Financial funding will also depend on the results and parties obtaining seats.

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