National cybersecurity framework proposed to safeguard systems

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AMMANNational Cybersecurity Center (NCSC) spokesperson Bassam Maharmeh announced on Saturday that the institution has proposed a draft national cybersecurity framework. This program aims to safeguard the information systems of both public and private sectors from cyber threats.اضافة اعلان

Maharmeh explained that the draft encompasses a collection of procedures, controls, mechanisms, and standards that institutions must adopt and implement. Its objective is to enhance the security of the Kingdom's cyber systems and elevate the level of information protection. He further noted that many institutions currently do not adhere to specific cybersecurity standards, Hala News reported.

According to NCSC statistics, the health sector was the primary target of cyber-attacks in 2022, accounting for 9 percent of the total incidents. Following closely was the commercial sector, including medium and small businesses, which often lack the resources to adequately protect their data. Additionally, several key government institutions faced persistent hacking attempts.

Enforcing mandatory standardsThe national cybersecurity framework will enforce mandatory standards, although there will be a grace period initially. Maharmeh expressed hope that the center will receive feedback and respond accordingly to proceed with the approval procedures in compliance with the regulations. Each institution will adopt controls based on the specific threats they face.

Maharmeh revealed that the NCSC dealt with 1,362 incidents involving government institutions and private companies in the previous year. Of these, 26 percent were classified as high-risk and serious.

The health sector vulnerable in cyber attacks
The health sector remained a prime target in 2022, accounting for 9 percent of all cyber-attacks. The commercial sector, including medium and small businesses with limited resources, was also heavily targeted. In addition, various other government institutions faced persistent hacking attempts, as per NCSC statistics.

Furthermore, Maharmeh stated that the cybersecurity center actively participates in drafting legislation, controls, and regulatory frameworks to mitigate cyber-attacks. He highlighted two types of threats: organized cybercrime, which targets government entities, companies, universities, hospitals, and other institutions to steal data for profit, and state-sponsored groups that primarily focus on government institutions for espionage, theft, or intelligence gathering.

Maharmeh emphasized that each country is targeted based on its geographical and political status. The NCSC, as a national institution, focuses on addressing attacks and threats that may jeopardize national security or essential services within the Kingdom.

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