Tourist income in May 2023 sees significant growth, boosting economy

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AMMAN — The latest data released by the central bank reveals a surge in tourist income during the month of May 2023, according to Hala News. اضافة اعلان

Compared to the same period in 2022, there has been a substantial growth rate of 27.8 percent. The total tourist income reached an impressive JD433.7 million ($611.7 million), indicating a thriving tourism sector.

The positive trend in the tourism industry has carried forward throughout the first five months of 2023. The data highlights a remarkable increase of 68.4 percent in tourist income during this period.

Rise in tourist arrivalsThe surge in tourist income can be attributed to multiple factors, with an increase in both tourist arrivals and spending playing key roles.

The number of tourists reached 2,483, representing a growth rate of 69.0 percent. Among them, the number of overnight tourists rose to 2,044, indicating a substantial growth rate of 62.4 percent.

Additionally, the number of day tourists recorded a significant increase, reaching 439,100, with a growth rate of 108 percent.

Outbound tourism spending shows steady growth
The data also highlights a positive trend in outbound tourism spending during May 2023.

There has been a 6.1 percent increase compared to the same month in 2022, reaching JD93.6 million ($132 million). Moreover, during the first five months of 2023, outbound tourism spending experienced a noteworthy rise of 48.1 percent.

The total spending reached JD493.7 million ($696.3 million), indicating a strong demand for international travel and contributing to the global economy.

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