Turkish Higher Education Council recognizes Jordanian universities

Turkish Higher Education Council
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AMMAN — The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announced Monday that the Turkish Higher Education Council has officially recognized all official and private universities in Jordan. اضافة اعلان

Turkish students are now approved to study in these universities, except for two private medical institutions that are relatively new and have not graduated any classes yet, according to Hala news.

The ministry plans to contact the Turkish side to request recognition for these universities.

All around recognition
Confirmation has been received through official correspondence and communication with the Jordanian cultural advisor in Ankara, as stated by the ministry. This decision ensures that all certificates obtained by Turkish students from Jordanian universities will be recognized.

In the coming period, the ministry will establish communication with the Turkish cultural attaché in Amman to address any difficulties faced by Turkish students who wish to join and study in Jordanian higher education institutions.

This proactive approach aims to support the strategy of attracting international students for the years 2023–2027, recently approved by the Cabinet.

The strategy, prepared by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in collaboration with its strategic partner, the Tourism Promotion Board, seeks to increase the number of international students studying in Jordanian higher education institutions.

In addition to Turkey's recognition, both the Saudi Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Libya have also acknowledged all official and private Jordanian universities.

This recognition enables students from Saudi Arabia and Libya to study in Jordanian universities.

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