NATO boosts defense support for Jordan amid counterterrorism efforts

NATO headquarters in Brussels
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BRUSSELS – On Thursday, NATO intensified its support for five partner countries, including Jordan, as part of a defense capacity-building package, reaffirming its commitment to bolstering Jordan's counterterrorism endeavors, Al-Mamlaka TV reported.اضافة اعلان

In its 2023 report, NATO underscored the heightened cooperation with Jordan, along with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mauritania, Moldova, and Tunisia. The focus areas encompass strategic-level training and education in counterterrorism, small arms and light weapons, strategic communications, and combating terrorist use of the internet. Additionally, maritime aspects of counterterrorism have been emphasized.

A significant step in this collaboration is NATO's establishment of a liaison office in Amman. This office aims to enhance the partnership and bilateral ties between the alliance and Jordanian authorities and serves as a crucial link between NATO and key stakeholders in the region.

Throughout 2023, NATO has been actively enhancing Jordan's security and defense capabilities, promoting flexibility, interoperability, and support for reforms within the armed forces. The defense and security capacity-building initiative has further bolstered NATO's support for Jordan's counterterrorism efforts.

In January 2023, NATO conducted the first course in counterterrorism in collaboration with Jordan's Military Center for Counter Terrorism and Extremism (MCCTE), affiliated with the Jordanian Armed Forces—Arab Army (JAF). This training adhered to NATO's reference methodology for counterterrorism.

Moreover, in May 2023, the Royal Navy Force in Aqaba, under JAF, hosted a workshop supported by NATO, gathering NATO allies and international organizations to discuss Jordanian maritime security.

Jordan's institutional relations with NATO date back to 1995 when it joined the Mediterranean Dialogue (MD) initiative, aiming to enhance NATO's partnership with Mediterranean nations for security and stability coordination.

Javier Colomina, NATO's Deputy Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs & Security Policy, highlighted the robust bilateral relations, emphasizing the recent reinforcement of support for Jordan, including assistance in counterterrorism, cybersecurity enhancement, and crisis management. Colomina also underscored the significance of His Majesty's visit to NATO headquarters in Brussels, confirming the strength and depth of the bilateral relationship.

During a meeting on November 6, 2023, His Majesty engaged in discussions with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg on NATO's partnership with Amman and regional security challenges, including the situation in Gaza.

Colomina noted that the defense capacity-building package with Jordan, initiated in 2014, has been renewed in 2017 and 2021, exemplifying the strong relationship between NATO and the Kingdom, providing a practical platform for increased cooperation.

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