Irbid implements new measures for Umm Al-Namel tourist area

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IRBID —On Sunday, Radwan Al-Atoum, the Governor of Irbid, initiated a series of new procedures and mechanisms aimed at enhancing the management of the Umm Al-Namel tourist area in the Al-Kourah district. The objective is to offer visitors a comfortable environment to appreciate the region's breathtaking natural beauty, thereby reflecting Jordan's civilized image.اضافة اعلان

During a recent tour of the Wadi Umm Al-Namel area on Sunday, Atoum underscored the area's status as a magnet for thousands of visitors and tourists, particularly during weekends and the spring months from January to April. To optimize the visitor experience, he stressed the necessity for organizational measures, Khaberni reported.

The Governor's office is set to liaise with the Ministries of Local Administration, Public Works, and Housing to secure a parcel of land spanning at least 5 dunams or, alternatively, replace it with state-owned land (pastures). This designated land will be utilized to establish a diverse service center.

Atoum also emphasized the importance of raising awareness about preserving tourist sites and protecting the surrounding environment. Recent efforts by Irbid's municipality saw the collection of 15 tons of waste in Jebel Birqish over the past two days due to the heightened presence of visitors in the area.

Furthermore, enhancing security presence in the region is deemed imperative. An agreement has been forged with the Director of the West Irbid Police Directorate to set up two security stations and deploy emergency patrols, traffic police, environmental police, and anti-begging units. Additionally, expanding the road leading to the Wadi Umm Al-Namel area is paramount to ensuring seamless traffic flow and preventing closures.

These measures are anticipated to yield positive outcomes across multiple fronts. They are poised to elevate the tourist experience, furnish visitors with a comfortable and organized environment, and fortify Jordan's standing as a distinctive and diverse tourist destination committed to sustainable tourism development.

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