Maaytah confirms security council provisions added to constitutional amendments

2. NSC
Minister of Political and Parliamentary Affairs Musa Al-Maaytah. (Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN  — Provisions establishing a National Security Council were added to the package of constitutional amendments the government passed to Parliament, Minister of Political and Parliamentary Affairs Musa Al-Maaytah affirmed on Tuesday.اضافة اعلان

The constitutional amendments are part of the reforms presented by the Royal Commission to Modernize the Political System, Maaytah said, speaking to Ad-Dustour daily. He added that the amendments will facilitate the cooperation between military and civil institutions. 

He explained that the government presented the amendments to complement the Royal committee’s efforts, as the latter’s role was limited to examining and studying the Kingdom’s elections and parties laws, and the constitutional amendments related to those laws.

Expanding on the proposed council, Maaytah said it would be headed by His Majesty King Abdullah, whose members will comprise the prime minister; the ministers of foreign affairs, defense, and interior; the director of general intelligence, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and two additional members who are hand-picked by the King.

Maaytah said that the latest security crises, including terrorism, Jordan confronted pushed the government to propose a National Security Council. He stressed that the goal is facilitate the cooperation of all agencies involved, particularly in face of both internal and external challenges, adding that security crises must addressed objectively and for the good of all. The council’s purpose is to ensure there is consensus of opinion regarding political, security, and military affairs.

Maaytah concluded by saying that the constitutional amendments and proposed elections and parties bills will be reviewed by the Lower House with urgency.

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