Four JEA board members resign in protest over internal law amendments

(Photo: Jordan Engineers Association’s Facebook page)
AMMAN — Four members of the Jordan Engineers Association’s (JEA) board resigned Monday after clashing with JEA President Ahmad Sammarah Al-Zoubi, over amendments to the JEA’s internal laws, including association elections.اضافة اعلان

A series of disagreements with Zoubi reached a head at a board meeting held to discuss amendments to the JEA internal law.

The four central board members object to the amendments the association says are in the interest of the JEA and its affiliates.

The deputy head of the Civil Engineering Division at the JEA and one of the resigning members, Sary Zuaiter, told Jordan News that “our problem is not just with the amendments to the law, it is also with the domineering approach followed by (the JEA President)”.

“(He) does not listen to us or pay attention to our demands, despite the fact that we only wanted a more accurate and comprehensive law. In the end, it is our right to participate in the (drafting) of the law’s amendments, as it will affect us for years,” Zuaiter said. He contended that Zoubi even refused to acknowledge other board members’ interventions at the meeting.

Zuaiter said that Zoubi took a vote of those members with and those against the amendment and “counted them on his fingers”, Zuaiter said, adding that that is illegal, and impermissible.

“There were more than 170 (board) members at the meeting, and the law stipulates that he should have taken into consideration the majority opinion. But he just counted 13 votes for the amendments and six votes against it,” Zuaiter said.

He said that only 19 members had the chance to vote while the others simply observed.

“Moreover, the amendments were not presented to all on board — a real indication of the lack of respect for the JEA’s board and its laws,” he added.
Zuaiter stressed that the problems with the association’s president had been building over time, but that the dam burst on Monday. “We have tried many times to express our dissatisfaction before, ... but no one heard us,” Zuaiter said.

The heads of the JEA’s mechanical engineering and electrical engineering divisions, Raed Al-Shorbaji and Malek Al-Amayreh, echoed Zuaiter’s claims that Zoubi dominated discussions and disregarded the board. Both resigned Monday and said the JPA president would regularly disregard the board’s input on the amendments.

“He has not offered to reconcile with us,” Amayreh said, despite both he and Shorbaji stressing that the board continuously offered to contribute.
For his part, JEA Vice President Fawzi Masad told Jordan News that “the new amendments are in the interest of the JEA, its members, and even contribute to the employment of engineers.”

“These amendments will help us a lot in the coming years, especially given that the JEA is in need to develop,” Masad said, adding that these amendments were developed following intensive consultations with legal experts and the board.

“The majority of the board members who attended the meeting were against the amendments, despite the fact that they do not know how beneficial they’ll be,” he said.

Masad said that the JEA has to work as one family, but added that some people take things personally. “We have asked them more than once if they want to discuss the amendments, and they refused,” Masad said, adding that “they had the right to refuse or accept the amendments. If they chose to refuse them, we would have at least discussed the matter together, and taken their objections to consideration.”

All four resigning board members belong to the “Enjaz” political list, an alliance between Islamists and independents.

Despite numerous attempts by Jordan News, JEA President Ahmad Sammarah Al-Zoubi was not available for comment.

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