Lower House and ILO suggest pension salary should not be less than minimum wage

(File Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN— The International Labor Organization (ILO) and the Lower House on Friday suggested that the pension salary should not be less than the minimum wage, and that all forms of discrimination between men and women in inheriting the pensions must be eliminated, in addition to recommending equality in dependency allowance when allocating the pension, according to Al-Mamlaka TV.اضافة اعلان

At the end of the International Labor Standards Conference activities which was held in the Dead Sea, The ILO also recommended that the Social Security Corporation provides health care to its subscribers as possible, and the possibility of including the Persons with Disabilities in insurance to protect their rights and integrate them in economic and social development.

It also called for referring to the Jordanian constitution to ensure non-discrimination and violence against women, and by defining violence and harassment in the work environment in Convention No. 190.

The organization also called for the adoption of a clear definition in the labor law of harassment, violence, and discrimination in the workplace, and obligating employers to adopt public policies and mechanisms to address related complaints.

The recommendations also included amending the maternity leave allowance to become 4 months, as permitted by the actuarial studies for maternity insurance, and the amendment of maternity leave in the labor and civil service laws to become 4 weeks.

And it showed, amending Article 69 of the Labor Law, providing a safe and protective environment for breastfeeding and pregnant women in the workplace, including independent kindergartens in social protection programs associated with maternity insurance, and supporting operational costs, among other recommendations.

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