KAFD awards funding to seven winning community projects

(Photo: King Abdullah II Fund for Development)
AMMAN — Seven community entrepreneurial projects have been granted funding through the King Abdullah II Fund for Development's (KAFD) Community Entrepreneurship Challenge project in this year's edition. Mazen Tabbalat, the Director of KAFD, signed the financing agreements to support the winning initiatives, which span diverse educational, tourism, economic, agricultural, environmental, and technical domains. According to a statement from KAFD on Monday, the projects will receive financial backing, with individual and group endeavors receiving up to JD5,000, while civil society organizations will be granted JD10,000 to JD15,000.اضافة اعلان

Positive competition
The primary objective of the Community Entrepreneurship Challenge project is to inspire young individuals to engage in positive competition and foster a culture of initiative, generosity, and active citizenship. This engagement aims to contribute to the advancement of their respective governorates and cultivate optimism by showcasing examples of young individuals who have effectuated positive transformations within their local communities, the Jordan News Agency, Petra reported.

A neutral and specialized technical committee, comprised of experts, meticulously evaluated the submitted applications, selecting the winning projects. These selected projects underwent further training to enhance their technical proficiency before progressing to the final assessment round, where the ultimate victors were determined.

Expansion in the scope of target groups
The statement also highlighted that this year's edition witnessed an expansion in the scope of the target groups, aligned with the project's development plan. This involved raising the age limit for applicants in the individual and group category from 22 to 35 years old, up to 22 to 40 years old. Additionally, civil society institutions were incorporated into the sectors eligible to apply, signifying a broader inclusivity in the project's reach.

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