'Dangerous Iranian organizations conspiring, targeting Jordan’s security'

JAF drug
An undated photo of drugs seized in previous smuggling operations thwarted by the Jordanian Armed Forces the Arab Army. (Photo: JAF Facebook)
AMMAN — The Director of Military Information, Col. Mustafa Al-Hiyari, has said that members of the Jordanian Armed Forces–the Arab Army are facing a systematic drug war targeting Jordanian society and the values of its members, led by organized groups supported by foreign parties, Al-Mamlaka TV reported.اضافة اعلان

He referred to the interview last week of His Majesty King Abdullah II with the Hoover Institution, where he said that the vacuum that Russia will leave, especially in southern Syria, is being filled by Iran and its proxies, namely pro-Iranian militias. Hiyari added that “dangerous Iranian organizations are conspiring and targeting Jordan’s national security.”

In an interview with Al-Mamlaka TV on Monday, Hiyari explained that drug smuggling operations from Syria to Jordanian territory are carried out by three to four groups, each consisting of 10 to 20 people, including those who work on reconnaissance and surveillance, while another try to distract monitoring efforts by the armed forces. A third waits for the appropriate opportunity to carry out smuggling operations.

Hiyari added that “sometimes the smugglers receive support from undisciplined groups from the Syrian border guards and other groups.”

“We are seeing undisciplined and armed criminal groups pursuing the smuggling process in a professional manner, and recently they started targeting weapons and using force,” said Hiyari. He added that “the smugglers have no connection with groups inside Jordan.”

 Regarding the presence of extremist and terrorist groups close to Jordan’s northern and eastern borders, Hiyari said Daesh, Jabhat Al-Nusra, and Ansar Al-Din all have presence close by while in other areas there are pro-Iranian organizations, and the latter “are more dangerous because they have a foreign agenda and target Jordan’s national security”.

Hiyari said that the topography of the northern border is complicated, as the western part is made of rugged mountainous areas, while in the central part there are volcanic rocks which make it impossible for military vehicles to travel through them. The eastern part is an open desert where vehicles are used in smuggling operations.

He added that the penalty for a smuggler carrying a single load has increased to JD10,000, from JD2000, after the army had changed the rules of engagement.

Hiyari said that the new rules of engagement remain in force until now, and “we will continue to apply them because they had a positive result, and the evidence is the size of the recent seizures, which has doubled since the beginning of the year.”

He added that the armed forces is working on plans to bring in and manufacture drones to target smugglers and for surveillance purposes, in addition to installing radars that disable drones used by the smugglers.

 “The armed forces is facing this threat on behalf of Jordan, the countries of the region, and the countries of the world, as reports indicated that drugs that are manufactured in Syria have reached European countries.”

He added that the armed forces and the rest of the state’s agencies are confronting drug smuggling on behalf of the countries of the region and the world, and therefore “we expect that others will help Jordan as they did previously because leaving Jordan alone will have unimaginable consequences.”

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