Jordan seeks water deal extension with Israel amid war on Gaza

(File photo: Jordan News)

AMMAN – On Monday, Khaberni reported that Jordan recently approached Israel with a request to extend the agreement regarding increased water supplies for an additional year. The existing agreement is set to expire in May. 

According to Israel’s official broadcasting authority, KAN, consultations have taken place in Israel regarding this request, but no positive response has been given yet. 

Israel’s Ministry of Energy is currently considering whether to extend the water agreement with Jordan due to recent statements made by Jordanian officials, particularly Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi, regarding the war in Gaza.

KAN reported that Israel conveyed a message to Jordan outlining several conditions in exchange for extending the water supply agreement:

  • Mitigating the intensity of statements made by Jordanian officials, including ministers and parliamentary deputies, against Israel.
  • Reducing incitement within the kingdom against Israel.
  • Emphasizing the importance of restoring bilateral relations to their normal state, including the return of ambassadors to Amman and Tel Aviv.
اضافة اعلان

Jordan has made efforts to involve the US and Israel’s former Minister of Energy, Yuval Stienitz, who held the position three years ago. During the government of Bennett-Lapid, Israel agreed to double the annual water supply from 50 million cubic meters to 100 million cubic meters, as stipulated in the peace agreement.

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