1,300 daily 911 calls flooded with parking complaints

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(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Assistant Director of the Operations and Control Directorate, Colonel Nael Shafiq, confirmed that the directorate receives over 3,000 daily calls through the 911 emergency hotline, specifically related to traffic. اضافة اعلان

Colonel Shafiq explained that nearly half of these calls, at an average of 1,300 per day, are related to random parking violations, where vehicles block the road for other vehicles, Jo24 reported.

Most of these reports come from within hospital premises, where immediate movement is crucial. Additionally, some drivers close off private residential parking entrances.

Such incidents are incredibly disruptive as they cause inconvenience to citizens and road users, and handling them requires significant effort. More often than not, offenders are aware of the consequences, including road disruptions and traffic closures.

Colonel Shafiq highlighted that a specialized cell handles these reports through the emergency hotline. They promptly follow up by tracing the reported vehicle’s registration number to reach the owner’s phone number through the Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Department.

In cases of non-compliance, a tow truck is dispatched to lift the offending vehicle and reopen the road for other users.

Additionally, he emphasized the importance for vehicle owners to update their contact information with their active phone numbers through the Licensing Department, especially during license renewals. This ensures quick communication with the vehicle owner, avoiding needing tow trucks to remove the vehicle.

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