JFDA reduces prices of 391 types of medicine by 2–47% since year start

closeup view pharmacist hand taking medicine box from shelf drug store Pharmacy drugs
(File photo: Jordan News)

AMMAN — The Jordan Food and Drug Administration (JFDA) reduced the prices of 391 commonly used pharmaceutical drugs by percentages ranging from 2 percent to 47 percent since the first half of the current year.

In a press statement, the general manager of the JFDA, Nizar Muhaidat, pointed out that people will witness the reduction in drug prices on pharmacy shelves in the coming months as they are imported, according to Ammon News.

Muhaidat emphasized that the drug price reduction program is one of the main priorities of the administration, which aims to reduce prices of other therapeutic groups in the future to ensure pharmaceutical security and provide medications at affordable prices for citizens, in line with Royal directives.

The drugs affected by the reduction include drugs for hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases, antibiotics, respiratory diseases, neurological diseases, bone and muscle diseases, and other commonly used drugs among different segments of the Jordanian society.

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Broken down, the drugs seeing a decrease are:

  • 60 types of diabetes medications, including 25 branded and 35 generic drugs.
  • 67 types of drugs for hypertension and heart diseases, including 21
  • branded and 46 generic drugs.
  • 89 types of antibiotics, including 23 branded and 66 generic drugs.
  • 41 types of respiratory disease medications, including 12 branded and 29 generic drugs.
  • 108 types of drugs for the nervous system, including 40 branded and 68 generic drugs.
  • 26 types of bone and muscle medications, including 12 branded and 14 generic drugs.

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