JAF faces a ferocious campaign by drug traffickers, arms smugglers.

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AMMAN — On Sunday, the Director of Military Media in the Jordanian Armed Forces – Arab Army (JAF) Brigadier General Mustafa Al-Hayari stated that Jordan is facing a ferocious campaign by drug traffickers and arms smugglers, Al-Mamlaka TV reported.اضافة اعلان

In a statement to Al-Mamlaka, Hayari said that the JAF is carrying out its mission effectively on all fronts, whether on the northern front of Jordan or even on all fronts and within Jordan itself, pointing out that this year has witnessed a noticeable increase in the determination to smuggle drugs using weapons.

He mentioned that the most dangerous aspect is the attempt to smuggle qualitative weapons to enable drug traffickers to possess military power to confront the security forces.

Furthermore, speaking about the current year, Hayari said that there has been a noticeable increase in smuggling attempts using the force of arms.

"Arms smuggling is old, but they used to be light weapons, and these weapons were only directed for the smugglers' use. Now, what we have witnessed are indeed military-grade weapons, medium weapons. We seized 4 RPG launchers, 4 107mm launchers, and 8 automatic weapons, and in addition, we had 10 TMG mines. All of these were intended for internal gangs and drug traffickers." He continued.

According to Hayari, the bad weather conditions in the region are not limited to winter. Still, in summer, there are sandstorms, and in winter, dense fog hinders monitoring devices and surveillance cameras.

Regarding the readiness of the JAF to confront drug traffickers, he affirmed that just as smugglers have escalated their means, tools, and ferocious campaigns, JAF has diversified their means, employed technology, and changed the rules of engagement. This will contribute to confronting the ferocious campaign. 

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