Jordan is currently waging a war on behalf of the entire region — Mubaidin

Jordan is currently waging a war on behalf of the entire region — Mubaidin
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AMMANMinister of Government Communication and government spokesman, Muhannad Al-Mubaidin, confirmed on Monday that Jordan is currently waging a war on behalf of the countries in the region along its northern borders against drug militias supported by regional powers. اضافة اعلان

These militias are pushing for smuggling and launching attacks on Jordan, which stands alone in facing the drug war targeting its security and the security of the region.

He said that Jordan is currently experiencing a negative qualitative shift in the smuggling process, involving the trafficking of weapons in addition to drugs through new methods employed by smugglers, Al-Mamlaka TV reported.

He explained that for the past three years, since the collapse of the security situation in Syria, he has been warning about the southern border area and the attempts by smugglers to flood it and neighboring countries with drugs.

Mubaidin stated, "Smuggling has evolved since 2018 and continued during the Corona period. However, in 2022, the Jordanian army announced a change in the rules of engagement. There are challenging contact areas on this long border, and the presence of population structures linked to the sectarian dimension in that area is considered a major problem."

He emphasized that Jordan's interest lies solely in the stability of the region, the stability of the brothers in Syria, the stability of their state, the restoration of security and safety, and the hope for a Syrian national reconciliation project that ends the chaos on the border in the southern region. When Syria's potential return to the Arab League was discussed, Jordan fully expressed the importance of stability, with a clear visit, clear direction, and a demand expressed by the Jordanian Foreign Minister regarding the issue of the northern border.

He mentioned that the Foreign Minister recently spoke to his Iranian counterpart, stating that Jordan will pursue those who aggress against its security and borders wherever they are, referring to the issue of the southern border areas of Syria, which are subject to Iranian administration and influence, according to his belief.

In his comment on the ongoing clashes between the armed forces and drug smugglers across the northern border since dawn today, Al-Mubaidin said that drug smugglers are not just groups but a network of smugglers and organized militias supported by regional and non-regional powers aiming to destroy neighboring countries with drugs.

He stressed that this is an ongoing war for Jordan and that it is leading it on behalf of the entire region and not for the sake of its society. "This is, of course, a disaster if these militias and dark forces or forces that trade in black money are allowed to end societies."

Regarding the army, Mubaidin said, "The army is in a battle and there are casualties," indicating that the operational order and the latest developments are being followed by the armed forces.

Mubaidin emphasized the need to take a strong stance against anyone who tries to introduce or distribute drugs, praising the role of the army. "We stand behind them." Society must stand up, and those concerned with regional issues must pay attention to the efforts made by the Arab army on the northern border and the security forces that are also struggling.

A responsible military source in the General Command of the Jordanian Armed Forces – Arab Army (JAF) confirmed that armed clashes between Jordanian border guard forces and armed groups on the northern border "are continuing to date." After it started in the early hours on Monday.

These clashes come within the area of responsibility of the Eastern Military District, as these clashes have so far resulted in thwarting the smuggling of large quantities of drugs and automatic and missile weapons.

The source confirmed that the armed groups are now being expelled into Syria, while several injuries have occurred among members of the Jordanian border guard forces, and their health condition is between light and moderate.

A military source has indicated a shift in the military tactics employed by smugglers, coupled with advancements in the weapons they use. These weapons range from automatic firearms to rocket-propelled grenades, suggesting that these are not mere drug smugglers but rather armed militias with political agendas and security objectives, aiming to breach the border.

The source clarified that the escalation of attacks by armed militias along the border serves the purpose of diverting Jordan's attention from the Palestinian issue. The military buildup on the western border with occupied Palestine is perceived by the armed forces as a preemptive measure to thwart potential displacement sought by Israeli aggression, Al-Ghad reported.

The source explained that the past few days have witnessed an increase in the number of these operations and their transformation from infiltration and smuggling attempts into armed clashes, to crossing the border and forcefully targeting border guard forces.

The source stated that these clashes were a continuation of what these armed groups had been doing for days, and resulted in the killing of several smugglers, the arrest of one of them, the fatality of a member of the armed forces, and the injury of another.

The source stressed that the armed forces are following the movements of these groups and their attempts to destabilize national security and will do everything necessary to deter and pursue them wherever they are.

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