Security forces nab drug traffickers in Ruwaished raids

Security forces nab drug traffickers in Ruwaished raids 002
(Photos: Public Security Directorate)
AMMAN – On Wednesday, the Public Security Directorate (PSD) stated that a specialized security force, supported by the Anti-Narcotics Department, carried out a series of security raids in the desert of the Ruwaished region.اضافة اعلان

They added that the security teams have been continuing their efforts since the morning to pursue and apprehend a group of dangerous drug traffickers and smugglers. These individuals had escaped and gone into hiding since the beginning of the raids in Ruwaished several months ago, Jo24 reported.

Thus far, security forces arrested nine individuals, six of whom were classified as extremely dangerous and armed smugglers associated with regional gangs in Ruwaished. They confiscated 720,000 narcotic pills, 1565 kg of hashish, 21 firearms, large quantities of ammunition, and communication devices.

The directorate further stated that Wednesday’s security campaign came after months of intelligence work, during which the hiding locations of these individuals were identified in the desert, in which its areas were used for criminal activities. The security teams developed appropriate raid plans tailored to the nature and geography of the region, implementing them since Wednesday morning.

The wanted individuals directly fired at the security forces, which applied engagement protocols, successfully taking control and arresting them. None were injured among the security forces, while one of the wanted individuals was injured and received medical treatment.

The directorate reaffirmed its determination to continue pursuing all drug traffickers in collaboration with the Jordanian Armed Forces – Arab Army (JAF), preventing the continuation of dangerous crimes that harm and threaten the security of the Kingdom.

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