Interior ministry facilitates entry for Syrians residing in EU — source

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AMMAN — A credible source in the Ministry of Interior stated on Sunday that the mechanism for the entry of Syrians residing in EU countries or holding documents from those countries to Jordan is driven by humanitarian and economic objectives.اضافة اعلان

According to the source, Syrians residing in Europe who wish to enter Jordan must submit a request through the Ministry of Interior's electronic services website, Al-Mamlaka TV reported.

Over 41,000 Syrians granted entry approval
Data from the Ministry of Interior reveals that approximately 41,782 Syrians have been granted entry approval to Jordan through tourist groups since October 2021 up until the present date.

Since September 13, 2022, around 4,345 Syrians who reside in Europe and hold European documents have entered Jordan.

The ministry source emphasized that the facilitations provided to Syrians by the Ministry of Interior serve Jordan's interests in multiple aspects, particularly the economic implications related to promoting tourism.

Meeting families in Syria and third countries
The decision to allow entry for Syrians residing in European countries aims to enable them, many of whom are refugees, to meet their families in Syria.

Additionally, the facilitations provided allow Syrians to meet their families in a third country. The objective is to address their humanitarian situation, rather than for the purpose of family reunification.

Regulated entry process
To ensure the orderly entry of Syrians according to the mechanism, the source explained that Syrians coming from Syria to Jordan must go through approved Jordanian tourism offices. This process helps monitor their departure from the Kingdom after the specified visit period.

The source emphasized that the Ministry of Interior's procedures successfully serve Jordan's national interest by strengthening both the economic and humanitarian aspects.

Furthermore, the mechanism aims to prevent any potential increase in asylum seekers, as there have been no recorded cases of individuals overstaying the specified visit period for those coming from Syria or European countries.

The Ministry of Interior had previously announced the implementation of the mechanism for the entry of Syrians residing in several foreign countries to Jordan.

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