How the Ministry of Labor deals with infected employees

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A healthcare worker in an undated photo about to administer a COVID-19 vaccine in Amman. (File photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — Director of the Central Inspection Department at the Ministry of Labor Haitham Najdawi said that employees who get infected with COVID-19 virus, and as a result do not show up at work, will have the days off deducted from their sick leaves; if they have no more sick leaves, they will be deducted from their annual leave, and if that is finished, they will have their salaries deducted.اضافة اعلان

Najdawi told Jordan News that sick leaves of COVID-19 patients that are hospitalized are not deducted, but "these are exceptional cases” as Omicron rarely leads to hospitalization.

This will continue to be the case, “unless the government issues a new defense order that stipulates a different way of dealing with the patients,” he added.

The Minister of State for Media Affairs and government spokesperson, Faisal Al-Shboul, told Jordan News that so far the government has no intention on issuing new defense orders related to the manner of dealing with employees infected with coronavirus.

Member of the National Committee for Epidemiology Najwa Khoury told Jordan News that the committee recommended reducing the quarantine period for people infected with the coronavirus to five days if they have no symptoms, and seven days if they exhibit symptoms.

According to her, seven days are enough quarantine, after which a person may return to work and continue to wear a mask, as they are not contagious.

Khoury added that most of the cases registered in Jordan are of people infected with Omicron, “which is known to spread rapidly, but, at the same time, has minimal symptoms”.

She also said that only a few patients need to hospitalized “and that shows that the situation is still under control and that we should know how to coexist with the virus”.

Khoury emphasized the need for all individuals to take the vaccine, which has proved its efficiency in protecting the world from the virus.

“I highly recommend that people take the third dose, which contributes to raising one’s immunity, a thing that we need to live, produce, and survive this pandemic,” she said.

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