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August 9 2022 1:30 PM ˚
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Health committee, minister discuss measures to prevent medical errors

Ministry of Health building
(Photo: Jordan News)
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AMMAN — Head of the Parliamentary Health Committee, Dr. Ahmed Al-Sarahneh, said: “We console ourselves and the family of the child, Leen, and as a committee, we followed the issue from the beginning, and demanded that the file be referred to the Public Prosecutor to find out the reasons for what happened and hold the people responsible accountable, and this is what actually happened.”اضافة اعلان

Sarahneh added that the committee called for an emergency meeting, but the minister of health apologized for not attending this morning, and that they were surprised by the presence of a Secretary-General on his behalf, but the meeting was canceled, and the committee withdrew.

After that, Musa Al-Maaytah and the Minister of Health were contacted to hold a meeting at 12:30 PM. The meeting included a set of questions and proposals, on top of which was the issue of the child, Leen, and how to avoid such accidents, stressing that 90% of the problems that lead to death are emergency cases. In light of this, solutions were presented to implement them within a maximum period of one month.

One of the solutions is to provide emergency departments with doctors, specialized doctors, and nurses with experience, which is the interface of all hospitals, in order to reduce the burden on doctors and staff, as well as to increase the number of beds so that hospitals can receive patients who need to be hospitalized.

At the meeting, the committee called for the need to create a department in the Ministry of Health, similar to the current system for the beds of COVID-19 patients.

“If we want to reduce medical errors and hold the service provider accountable; we must provide the appropriate environment for work, and only then can we hold any negligent person accountable”, Sarahneh also added.
He also said: “We are facing two barriers; the long hours the doctor spends in examining patients, and the health of the citizen.”

Maher Abu Hatab, the father of the child, Leen, said: “No one from the concerned authorities contacted me about the incident of my daughter’s death. But the director of Al-Bashir Hospital contacted one of the live radio programs, and his tone was harsh,” adding that everyone is responsible for the accident, as this is a shortcoming of the entire health system.

Jordan News tried to contact the Minister of Health, the Director of Al-Bashir Hospital, and the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Health more than once, but there was no response.

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