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May 17 2022 11:32 PM ˚
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Salt hospital director addresses public concerns

Salt hospital
(Photo: Jordan News)
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AMMAN — In response to recent media reports on technical issues and staff shortages, the director of the Al-Hussein Al-Salt New Hospital spoke to Jordan News to address the public’s concerns.اضافة اعلان

“There is no disruption to the Hakeem program, and what happened on Thursday and Friday is an hour-and-a-half delay in the program,” Director Ali Al-Abdallat said.

Hakeem is an electronic program used across the public healthcare sector in Jordan.

It allows physicians, pharmacists, and other clinicians to electronically access patients’ medical records. Abdallat stressed that the system connects all the healthcare centers that use Hakeem.

Salt hospital does currently suffer from a shortage of medical staff, the director said, but the shortage is one that has affected the entire country.

He added that the Ministry of Health and the Civil Service Bureau will be appointing more staff.

Addressing the Hakeem program slowdown on Thursday and Friday, the director explained that this was “due to the tremendous pressure on the hospital’s (system), as it receives patients from the entire central region.

” Salt hospital also receives patients from across the Kingdom that are referred to receive “rare surgeries”, he added.

Abdallat explained that between 800 and 1,000 patients visit the hospital every day, and that most of them come at the beginning of the day instead of waiting for the appointment time given to them by the application.

This can sometimes cause issues, he contended.

CEO of the Computing Health Company Firas Kamal told Jordan News that “the Hakeem program may experience a mild slowdown because of an increased number of users.”

He added that the government’s fiber-optic network will speed up the process and make the system more resilient to slowdowns, but that currently, the hospital relies on its own internet service provider.

Kamal stressed that, in addition to the increased number of patients, the hospital also operates supplementary field hospitals as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has further stretched the staff thin.

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