Foreign Ministry budget for 2024 reaches JD54.8M

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Jordan
(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN – On Thursday, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Ayman Safadi, said that the ministry’s budget is “modest” considering its required role, where it currently has 59 diplomatic missions, in addition to the Jordan Institute of Diplomacy (JID), pointing out that 95 percent of the budget is related to diplomatic missions and salaries.اضافة اعلان

Safadi added during a meeting with the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives that the total current and capital expenditures are estimated at JD54.8 million, an increase of JD2.3 million from 2023, Khaberni reported.

The budget indicates that the most prominent differences between the estimated allocations for 2024 and the re-estimated allocations for 2023 in the current expenditures item, where the total compensation for workers was increased by JD 1.4 million to cover the natural increase in the compensation of workers and to cover the cost of vacancies, new updates, people transferred to the ministry, and the departure of administrative and diplomatic attachés to embassies and consulates.

Operating expenses were increased by JD550,000, focused on fuel, electricity, goods, and services expenses, in addition to an increase in other expenses by JD26,000 due to the increase in missions, training courses, and bonuses for non-employees. Capital expenditures increased by JD259,000 for the maintenance of embassy buildings and the purchase of armored vehicles.

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