Debt crisis top risk for Jordan in 2023 — World Economic Forum

global risk report
(Photo: World Economic Forum)
AMMAN — In the World Economic Forum’s “Global Risks” report for 2023, the most prominent risk expected to affect the Kingdom this year is debt crises, followed by severe commodity supply crises, and a cost-of-living crises, Khaberni reported.اضافة اعلان

Jordan’s other top risks for 2023 are represented in the price of basic commodities and an employment and livelihood crisis, according to the recent report.

The Global Risks Report incorporates the views of more than 1,200 experts and policy makers, and urges countries to cooperate and work together to avoid competition for resources.

Global risks, now and in the futureOn a global scale, the report pointed to “relatively new developments in the global risks landscape”, including low growth and global investment levels, de-globalization, and the growing pressure of climate change.

During the coming two years, the report predicted that the global population would struggle with major cost-of-living crises, natural disasters, geo-economic confrontations, and societal polarization, among others.

Over the next ten years, the most prominent risks facing the world include failure to mitigate climate change, failure to adapt to confront climate change, extreme environmental events, loss of biodiversity and collapse of ecosystems, and large-scale involuntary migration, according to the report.

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