Specialized media strategy needed for agricultural extension — forum

Ministry planning 2023 ‘quantum leap’ through automation, device distribution

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AMMAN — A recent dialogue forum has called for establishing a special media strategy for agricultural extension, the practice of integrating scientific research and new knowledge into agricultural practices through farmer education, Al-Ghad News reported.اضافة اعلان

The forum, which was launched by Minister of Agriculture Khaled Al-Huneifat on Tuesday at the Dead Sea and concluded its activities on Wednesday, brought together representatives of the private sector, media institutions, and experts, with the aim of developing a digital mechanism for agricultural extension.

The participants recommended that the media strategy for agricultural extension, also known as agricultural advisory services, build the capacities of workers in the agricultural sector, and encourage them via social media to create a database including all the content needed by agricultural extension workers and farmers.

They also recommended establishing a “real partnership” between the agricultural extension sector and the private sector to develop clear plans for transmitting modern farming techniques to farmers via extension tools.

Ministry strategies for 2023During the forum, Huneifat confirmed the intention of the Ministry of Agriculture benefit from the services of private sector companies to continue to develop agricultural extension in the coming year.

Agricultural extension provides a link between the ministry and farmers, he said, noting the plans of the ministry to make a “quantum leap” in the sector early in 2023 by providing agricultural extension directorates with about 240 devices and 450 tablets to achieve vertical and horizontal communication with and among farmers.

The ministry is also aiming to automate its services next year and adopt flexible working hours, he said.

Through the ministry’s water harvesting program, 63 farm dams and harvesting pits were excavated in 2022 and were filled to 70 percent during the recent rainy depression, Huneifat said, highlighting the ministry’s plans to raise the number of farm dams and harvesting pits to 100 next year.

Climate change has taken a toll on Jordan’s harvests due to poor rainfall and the drying up of several dams, the minister noted. The ministry responds to climate-related challenges via two response axes: expanding water harvesting and water-saving projects to mitigate the effects of climate change and providing alternative energy loans for projects and industries. 

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