Criminalizing public suicide cements right to life — PM

Bisher Al- Khasawneh
(Photo: Jordan News)

AMMAN — An amendment to the Penal Code, which criminalizes attempted suicides in public, aims at cementing the concept of the right to life, which is protected under international conventions, Prime Minister Bisher Al-Khasawneh said.اضافة اعلان

Addressing a Senate meeting Tuesday, which deliberated draft amendments to the Penal and Enforcement laws, Khasawneh stressed that the “pluralistic” Jordanian Constitution declares Islam the official religion of the state, which, along with all heavenly religions, prohibits doing harm to life as in suicide, and even considers it a big sin, according to Jo240.

Attempted suicide is a punishable offense in many Arab, Islamic and foreign legal and judicial systems, including in Italy, the UAE and Oman, Khasawneh pointed out.

A judge must refer any individual suspected of being mentally unstable to a medical authority for psychological assessment. If found ill, the court shall consider the mental state as an exculpating or mitigating excuse, the premier added.

He explained that attempted suicide in public, as stipulated in the draft amendment to the Penal Code, is being treated as a full-fledged crime to harmonize the concepts of preserving public peace and safety. It also aims at protecting order in public facilities and the rights of people in general.

Khasawneh said the majority of suicide attempts are ‘’usually not serious’’. They aim to draw attention to a person’s problems.

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