Labor Law applies to both public and private sector

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AMMAN — Announcements issued by the Prime Minister Bisher Al-Khasawneh about official holidays cover private sector employees as well, as stipulated in the labor law, even if that is not specifically mentioned in these notices, experts say.اضافة اعلان

Lawyer and activist Hala Ahed Deeb told Jordan News that the Labor Law states in Article 59 that employees who work on days off, or on religious or official holidays shall receive overtime that equals 150 percent more per day.

She added that “each laborer shall be entitled for a full paid annual leave for fourteen days per year unless it shall be agreed to be more than the same provided the term of the annual leave shall be twenty one days in case his service for the same employer shall last for five consecutive years”, and that official holidays “are not counted from the annual leave”.

She emphasized that “the holidays announced by the Prime Ministry to the public sector include the private sector as well, whether known or emergency official holidays due to specific occasions or weather conditions. The communication does not necessarily have to mention that it includes the private sector so we know that, it is stipulated by the law”.

“Those holidays are a right for workers that should not be counted as part of their annual leave, and they are entitled to an overtime allowance if they work during those days. It is also important to note that the prime minister cannot issue a notification excluding workers in the private sector from these holidays because it is an infringement of rights protected by law,” she said, adding that “any mention by the Ministry of Labor indicate that workers in the private sector do not benefit from these days violates the law, just like with the announcement of a holiday on the day of the municipal elections”.

Hamada Abu Nijmeh, head of the Workers’ House, told Jordan News that “the government does not have the right to decide, explain or clarify in its communication that the holiday includes or excludes workers in the private sector because this is a violation of the Labor Law”.

Mousa Subaihi, former spokesman of the Social Security Corporation, told Jordan News that “the announcement of official holidays are valid for all sectors, but unfortunately the Ministry of Labor does not realize this”.

He added that “the Ministry of Labor should scrutinize more closely the companies’ compliance with giving employees their right to leave in accordance with the Labor Law”, and that companies are held accountable in the event they do not allow the employee to take the leave and do not give him an overtime allowance.

Omar Al-Awwad, the head of the Jordanian Union of Restaurant and Confectionery Proprietors, told Jordan News that “official holidays must be respected and adhered to by all sectors, whether governmental or private. As for those who say that productivity decreases during these holidays, I can say that productivity has been basically weak in the Kingdom for some time”.

He added that “during holidays, costs on companies and shops can be reduced, in terms of electricity, for example. In addition, citizens will consume less gasoline and get relief from other costs”.

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