Ministry of Labor to rehabilitate vocational training institutions

تدريب مهني
(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Ministry of Labor is working to develop, rehabilitate and modernize the infrastructure for vocational and technical training in Jordan, according to Acting Director General of the Vocational Training Corporation Omar Quteishat. اضافة اعلان

Quteishat told Jordan News that 36 vocational training sites and more than 348 workshops were built in the 1980s and 90s, and they need development and rehabilitation, “but this is done gradually and according to the budget available for that, and also according to the amount of funding, especially in light of the difficult economic conditions we are going through”.

He also said that “we have provided the operators with advanced devices, such as 3D printers and hybrid equipment, and in addition, we are working on preparing newer equipment and on developing programs and curricula, as well as on raising the efficiency of trainers.”

According to Quteishat, there is a specific work plan, for 5-7 years, for the development of the vocational training institutions, which includes improving the quality of training outputs so that it can keep pace with technological development and at the same time be in line with the requirements of the labor market.

“This will be in partnership with the private sector, and, in this regard, we met last week with representatives of the tourism and hotel sector, and we are in constant communication with other sectors,” he said.

Mohammad Bakeer, head of a private vocational and technical training institution, told Jordan News that one of the prominent problems he suffers from is the slowness of governmental procedures, which, “unfortunately, in Jordan are still bureaucratic.”
e have provided the operators with advanced devices, such as 3D printers and hybrid equipment, and in addition. ...
Bakeer added: “I have been trying to issue a new permit since my old one expired, but it is taking me too much time. Each time I have a government transaction it takes me too much time for it to be done.”

This delays the process of training, he said, as “I am not allowed to give students new training courses if I have not issued a new permit yet”.

He also said that the defense orders contributed to decreasing the number of trainees.

“I am only allowed to train 15 trainees in each class and this deprives the possibility of being trained and of getting an appropriate job opportunity, too.”

He urged the Ministry of Labor to follow up with the institute and to ease the restrictions “as we believe that we contribute to offering a great number of trainees an excellent number of job opportunities and that is needed in light of the increasing rates of unemployment and poverty.”

On Saturday, Minister of Labor Nayef Istitieh stressed the importance of developing, rehabilitating and modernizing the infrastructure for vocational and technical training in Jordan, noting that the main objective of the national economic workshop at the Royal Hashemite Court is to enable economic growth.

Istitieh told local media outlets that the main objective of the workshop is to seize opportunities that will create and accelerate economic growth in the future, which will lead to the creation of job opportunities for Jordanian youth.

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