Crews rescue 87 trapped by flooding across Kingdom

Police PSD flood
(Photo: Public Security Directorate)
AMMAN — Specialized response teams on Monday rescued 87 people trapped by heavy rainfall in homes, buses, and personal vehicles in various parts of the Kingdom, transporting them to safe locations, Al-Ghad News reported.اضافة اعلان

In a statement, the Public Security Directorate (PSD) said that, as of 11pm on Monday, the Operations and Control Directorate had received 17,000 calls and reports from citizens. In response, the directorate mobilized various field units from the PSD, the Civil Defense Directorate, and the Jordan Gendarmerie Forces to provide rescue and assistance.

Flooded homes and landslidesThe operations directorate received reports of 13 homes flooded in various governorates of the Kingdom, and crews were dispatched to respond to the incidents.

Meanwhile, civil defense vehicles transported 127 patients to hospitals for dialysis treatment.

Crews also dealt with a number of landslides, as well as road blockages caused by displaced soil and rock.

The PSD called on the public to adhere to safety instructions issued by the authorities during the inclement weather conditions. It advised people to stay away from valleys and low-lying areas where flooding is likely to occur, to use safe and proper means to heat their homes, and to call the emergency number 911 immediately if the need arises.

Heaviest rainfall in MaanThe southern governorate of Maan witnessed the Kingdom’s highest rainfall during the weather depression, recording 66mm of precipitation as of 6am on Tuesday, as reported by the Jordan Meteorological Department’s (JMD) Shobak monitoring station.
Meanwhile, according to JMD Director Raed Al-Khattab, the Al-Salt monitoring station in the central governorates recorded 49mm of rainfall, while the Ras Munif monitoring station in the north recorded about 20mm.

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