New project hopes to collect Amman floodwater in underground tanks

Underground tanks
Construction on a UN-Habitat project, funded by the Japanese government, is underway that aims to collect floodwater in the Amman area in underground tanks. (Photo: UN-Habitat)
AMMAN — Work is underway by UN-Habitat to implement a pioneering Green Flower Triangle project, which aims to collect flashflood waters in the Amman area, according to Al-Ghad News.اضافة اعلان

Funded by the government of Japan, the project depends on collecting rainwater in underground tanks for later use.

The UN agency said the project’s location, where rain water coming downstream from Al-Quds Street towards downtown Amman will be collected, was carefully selected in consultation with the Greater Amman Municipality.

In previous years, the downtown area was severely affected by flashfloods, causing major damage to shops and businesses. The geographical nature of downtown Amman, the design of the existing rainwater drainage network were unable to deal with heavy rainfall within a short period of time.

The agency said once the project is proven successful, it will be emulated and implemented in other areas, assuring that it would contribute to collecting large quantities of rainwater and preventing possible flooding in the downtown area.

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