Conditions not met for safe return – UNHCR on Jordan’s Syrian Refugee Initiative

Zaatari refugee camp. (File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN UNHCR has commented on Jordan's voluntary return initiative for Syrian refugees, stating that it is not involved in the operational details of the initiative. The agency highlighted that the conditions for a safe return are not currently met, which discourages refugees from returning to Syria. However, UNHCR welcomed the renewed political initiatives aimed at facilitating a safe return for refugees.اضافة اعلان

According to a spokesperson for UNHCR in Jordan, in 2022, a total of 4,013 Syrian refugees returned from Jordan to Syria, and a significant number of 50,760 refugees returned from the five countries mentioned. The voluntary and safe return of refugees remains a priority, necessitating immediate steps and coordination with UN entities, Al Mamlaka TV reported

Jordan is currently hosting over 1.3 million Syrian refugees, with 660,000 registered with UNHCR. A recent survey conducted among Syrian refugees in Jordan indicated that only 0.8 percent of them intend to return to their homeland within the next 12 months.

Meanwhile, on World Refugee Day, which lands on June 20 of each year, Minister of Interior Mazen Al-Faraya emphasized Jordan's position as the second-largest host country for refugees and urged them not to forget their homeland. During an event organized by UNHCR, Faraya stated that the world owes an apology to refugees for the displacement they have experienced and emphasized the need to honor them.

He reaffirmed Jordan's commitment to providing a dignified life for refugees and expressed gratitude to the Jordanian society for their hospitality and support.

Faraya also expressed his appreciation to international partners for their assistance to refugees and their continued support.

He highlighted the importance of sustained international support and warned that a decline in such support would have a negative impact on both refugees and host communities.

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