Chief of Health Ministry epidemiological committee resigns

Saad Al-Kharabsheh (Photo: JNews)
AMMAN — Head of the epidemiological situation assessment committee at the Ministry of Health, Saad Al-Kharabsheh, on Wednesday tendered his resignation.اضافة اعلان

In his resignation letter, which he shared on social media, Kharabsheh attributed the decision to a disagreement with current health minister, Feras Al-Hawari, who in a meeting with the committee — one day before Ramadan — instructed the members “not to voice their scientific views” publically.  

The resigning expert also underlined a study that he and his colleagues had recently completed, which found the Friday lockdown to be a counterproductive measure.

According to Kharabsheh, he had sent a report of the study to the minister more than two weeks ago and expressed readiness to present its findings at the Ministry of Health at a time of the minister’s choosing.

However, the presentation was never scheduled, Kharabsheh’s letter read, noting that its findings may have been disapproved of as they may have “clashed with the views of His Excellency or those of other parties.”

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