App drivers to start open strike Tuesday in front of Ministry of Transport

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AMMAN — Drivers working for Uber, Careem, Jeeny, and Petra Rider, announced their intention to carry out a strike in front of the Ministry of Transport to press their employers to do them justice, reported to Jo24.اضافة اعلان

The Union of Captains of Smart Applications said that the drivers, widely known as captains, received threats that they will penalized by the administrative governor, if their sit-in continues, Jo24 said.

It reported that the Union said it will not give in to any pressure and will continue to call for a sit-in in view of an absence of a response to the captains’ demands.

The drivers’ most prominent demands are reducing a deductible levied by the companies on each trip from 30 to 20 percent, especially following a hike in gasoline prices, which dramatically reduced the captains’ margin of profit. Other demands include increasing the captains’ peak hours, stop deducting a 4 percent tax which captains said they suspect its purpose.

The union said that the Ministry of Transport and the Land Transport Regulatory Commission  are “completely out of the picture, and do not do their part to do justice to the captains in light of the high price of fuel”.

The union pointed out that one-third of the captains quit, while the rest are hoping for a change to decide on their fate. It said that the number of vehicles currently operating is 9,200 vehicles, out of 13,000 vehicles registered with the service.

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