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Careem drivers stop work for three hours on Sunday, asking that their demands be met

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AMMAN — Hundreds of drivers who work for Careem rideshare company said they will observe a three-hour strike today, to protest against the injustices they are subjected to by the company, which has failed to meet their demands despite the promises it and the Land Transport Regulatory Commission (LTRC) have made. اضافة اعلان

Mohammed Abu Mushref, a member of the Union of Captains of Smart Applications that includes Careem, told Jordan News that one of the drivers’ most prominent demands is “to reduce the sum deducted by the companies for each trip from 20 to 15 percent, and to adhere to the LTRC pricing”.

He added that “the company deducts a percentage of our money, claiming that it is a government tax. We asked many authorities what this tax is, but to no avail. Based on that, we ask them to return every penny they deducted”.

According to Abu Mushref, “LTRC is not helping us as much as it should, although we have met with them more than once to make our demands known”.

Consultations and repeated demands have not helped, he said, “so we gave up on some of them, but those that remained are basic and most important, and we will never give up on them”, he said, adding that things are bound the escalate “as we will not remain silent about our rights and will not give up till achieving our demands”.

“We will stop working for three hours on Sunday, starting from 7 in the morning until 10, and if no party makes a move, we will protest in front of the Ministry of Transport and the LTRC immediately,” Abu Mushref said.

Lawrence Rifai, a spokesman for the drivers, told Jordan News that “the company mistreats drivers or treats them with superiority”, and issues arbitrary bans from time to time “and as a result they are prevented from working”.

According to Rifai, “when we met with LTRC last week, we asked them what the government tax is, and no one was able to answer”.

The commission “cannot support us with anything, even though it has been aware of our demands for a long time now”, he said, adding that “we might resort to closing the application, declining customer requests all day long in the next phase if they do not fulfill our demands. This will be an escalating strike”.

Abla Weshah, LTRC spokesperson, told Jordan News that the commission will “address the responsible authorities to find out what the government tax is”, adding that “even though this matter is not related to the commission, we will do so to support the drivers”.

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