437 dunums affected by Ajloun forest fire, evidence indicates human cause

ajloun fires
(Photo: Ministry of Agriculture)
AMMAN — The spokesman for the Ministry of Agriculture, Lawrence Al-Majali, said on Wednesday that 437 dunums were affected by the forest fire between the governorates of Jerash and Ajloun, near the village of Al-Husayniyat.اضافة اعلان

Preliminary evidence indicates the presence of a human cause in igniting the fire, noting that about 60 percent of fires are deliberate, reported Ammon News.

Majali added that the location of the fire led to its sustainability for a longer period due to its presence in an area where the slope was at an angle of more than 80 percent, in addition to the fact that active wind movement led to its transfer from one place to another, as there were three main fire points in the area.

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