Armed Forces airdrop 214 tonnes of water to extinguish Ajloun forest fires

(Photo: Twitter)
AMMAN — The Jordanian Armed Forces announced the use of 214 tonnes of water to extinguish the fires that ravaged the Safsafa and Wadi Al-Shamiya forests situated between the governorates of Jerash and Ajloun over the past two days.اضافة اعلان

In a press statement, the Armed Forces highlighted the challenging topography of the area as a significant obstacle that hindered the efforts of the civil defense forces to reach the fire site since Thursday evening. 

To overcome this, the Royal Jordanian Air Force stepped in by providing Mi-26 planes equipped with water buckets.

Starting Thursday evening, 36 tonnes of water were transported to the affected area, as reported by Jo24.

With the fires reigniting and spreading swiftly, propelled by strong winds, the Jordanian Armed Forces on Friday sent one "MI-26" plane and two "Super Puma" planes, all equipped with shovels, were dispatched to combat the fires, which had consumed an estimated area of over 500 mountain dunums.

By Friday evening, the combined efforts of the Royal Jordanian Air Force had successfully transported 178 tonnes of water using 44 dredges. These water deliveries, conducted via planes, played a crucial role in bringing the fires under control.

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