40–50% of today’s jobs will not be needed in 5 years’ time — minister

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AMMAN — Minister of Labor Nayef Steitieh said that many majors were introduced in universities without studies attempting to assess the local labor market requirements, noting that at least 40–50 percent of jobs will not be needed in 5 years’ time, according to Al-Mamlaka TV.اضافة اعلان

Steitieh said that the Ministry of Labor is studying the labor market to “identify its requirements”, adding that the Technical and Vocational Skills Development Commission, various industries, and the private sector need to determine the professions they need.

“The Labor Ministry now focuses on identifying the skills needed in the market, opening the doors for Tawjihi and university graduates to join the labor market based on their skills,” the minister said, adding that “nowadays, there is great demand for professional and technical skills in the private sector.”

He added that the market needs to determine the professions and skills necessary for the entire private sector “and what career paths can be created for these professions so that we can integrate the largest possible number of young people in these different professions”. He stressed the need to “integrate the private sector in the vocational and technical training system”.

“There is significant demand in the labor market for diploma graduates and graduates with technical skills, and today, seeing that there are 350,000 licensed workers, in addition to expatriate workers working in different professions, I think that 60–70 percent of Jordanians can meet this demand,” he said.

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