109 species of migratory birds in Ayla Oasis

109 species of migratory birds in Ayla Oasis
(Photo: Aqaba Bird Observatory)
AMMAN — In 2022-2023, the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature conducted a survey at Aqaba Bird Observatory, recording 109 species of migratory birds. This report underscores Aqaba's vital role as a stopover point for these birds during their extensive journeys between the northern and southern regions, according to Al-Ghad News.اضافة اعلان

Report’s findings
The report also highlights the strong correlation between golf courses and their significance as important bird habitats. Scientific research has shown that Aqaba's eco-friendly approach to managing these green spaces positively impacts the local bird population.

It documents the registration of endangered species, including the Little Grebe, the Great Spotted Eagle, and the Rock Pigeon. It also identifies species approaching global threatened status, such as the Syrian Serin and the Red-rumped Swallow, along with one critically endangered species, the Lappet-faced Vulture.

Furthermore, the society provides valuable data on nesting and reproduction, including sightings of Green-winged Teals and Rufous-tailed Scrub Robins. It also monitors two bird species, the House Crow and the Egyptian Goose, along with their offspring. The report concludes by mentioning the presence of the Myna bird, known for its environmental impact and significant local and regional expansion.

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