Mexico seeks to strengthen economic, cultural, academic ties with Jordan

Mexican Ambassador Roberto Rodriguez (Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Mexican Ambassador Roberto Rodriguez Hernandez, said his country’s relationship with Jordan had deepened, noting his country’s great interest in the stability of the entire Middle East region, and its support for the peaceful resolution of disputes, as well as the promotion of necessary international cooperation.اضافة اعلان

In an interview with Al Ghad, the ambassador said that Mexico recognizes the important role of the Kingdom in stabilizing the entire region, and was seeking to strengthen economic, cultural and academic cooperation with the kingdom.

Ambassador Hernandez noted that the Mexican Embassy in Jordan was currently pursuing a cultural exchange program for students and university professors between the two countries, indicating that the Embassy had signed several agreements with the Jordanian side in that regard.

The Ambassador said that an agreement had been signed between the Jordan Chamber of Commerce and the Mexican side, stating that through convention and some other actions currently being undertaken by Mexico, it will be possible to determine the quality of products that are being exchanged between the two countries. 

Hernandez invited Jordanian businessmen to visit Mexico, being a link to all Central American countries, at the same time inviting Mexican businessmen to direct investments to Jordan for its huge importance as the most stable country in the region.  

He stressed the importance of Jordan’s role as a platform for the distribution of Mexican products to the rest of the region. He said that these stable conditions are essential for creating job opportunities that would provide products at lower prices and benefit the Jordanian consumer.

The Mexican Ambassador expressed his desire for Jordanians to taste Mexican food, especially since several flavors in Mexican cuisine could be combined with Arab cuisine.

Efforts were being made to promote the Arabic language in Mexico in order to bring about the required rapprochement between the Jordanian and Mexican people.

Hernandez added that Mexico and Jordan share some common ground, Mexico’s independence 211 years ago makes it a young country, similar to modern Jordan that marks its centenary this year.

Similar to Jordan’s message of sustainable peace in the region, Mexico too coexists peacefully with all countries and shares with Jordan the messages of peaceful political solutions throughout the world, Hernandez said.

He stressed on his country’s role through its embassy in helping refugees in Jordan in collaboration with the United Nations, providing them with substantial assistance, in addition to supporting them in any projects that would help to meet their needs.

“Mexicans in their own country also receive refugees from Central America and other countries, they value and respect human rights, and therefore appropriate conditions must be created for them and their livelihoods,” the ambassador said.

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