NPC announces plans to raise gas production

(Photo: National Petroleum Company Twitter)
AMMAN — The National Petroleum Company (NPC) plans to increase Jordan’s gas production in the next three years, to reach 200 million cubic feet a day, according to the minister of energy and mineral resources Saleh Al-Kharabsheh. اضافة اعلان

Ministry spokesperson Mashhor Abu Eid told Jordan News that presently Jordan produces around 18 million cubic feet of gas per day, and “the short-term plan is to reach 45 million cubic feet per day”.

“We have 14 gas wells in Jordan and while the drilling process could discover more, the cost is still out of reach,” Abu Eid said.

“Today Jordan consumes up to 350 million cubic feet daily, and even if we reach the long-term plan, which is to produce 200 million cubic feet per day, the difference will remain our main issue and the only reason to import gas from external sources,” he added.

Hashim Akel, an energy expert, told Jordan News that of the nine power plants Jordan has, only one, Risha power station, produces electricity using local gas.

“The problem is not with the amount of gas produced, but rather with the gas transfer process. In Jordan, we have only one gas pipe that conveys gas from Risha well to Risha power station,” he said, which should make “the process of gas transportation a top priority on the ministry’s agenda”.

Another way to transport gas, Akel said, could be through the gas liquefaction process, which, however, is very expensive.

According to Abu Eid, the ministry is studying the possibility of cooperation with three companies “in order to start the gas liquefaction process”.

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