Jordanians rush to help Jabal Luweibdeh victims

A member of the search and rescue team looks at the collapsed residential building in Jabal Luweibdeh after more than 85 hours of search and rescue operations concluded on September 17, 2022. The collapse has been described as the worst tragedy Jordan has seen in years.(Photos: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — Jordanians of all ages rushed to the site of the building that collapsed in Jabal Luweibdeh, offering all kinds of help to ease the pain of those grieving.اضافة اعلان

Men and women, neighbors, and people from all over Amman, even celebrities came to offer their support, offering water, food, and emotional support.

Juliet Awwad, a well-known actress and director, was among those distributing water to inhabitants and rescue crews. Others found themselves more involved in the rescue operations.

Firas Nassar, an owner of a winch company, was an essential part of the efforts. In addition to the equipment, nearly 30 of Firas’ relatives volunteered for the rescue operations, cutting and pulling giant concrete blocks sitting on the rubble.

Nassar told Jordan news that they had been working in shifts since the beginning and that they said they would not leave the site “until the last civil defense member goes home”.

“The Civil Defense Department called me, asking for cooperation, but we told them that we will help for free,” Nassar said.  “We do not seek fame. We just believe that everyone has to do their part. This is a catastrophe and we should all help,” he added.

“We saw many people, including celebrities, who were there crying and trying to offer everything they could, and I can say that this had moved me. We all cried when they pulled the six-month-old infant out alive,” he said.

Dozens of posts appeared on social media platforms as well, offering to house the families that had lost their homes.

Ali Abu Awwad, owner of 7Boys hotel, told Jordan News that they have already hosted five families, totaling 16 members.  He said “as soon as I saw the families that lost their houses in the street, I thought that this is the least I can do for them”.

“We are all one family and I already know most of them. It is also my humanitarian and moral duty as a citizen,” he added.

Fundraising campaigns were launched by several organizations and companies, but many families of the victims insist that they cannot accept that.

Ministry of Social Development spokesperson Ashraf Khreis told Jordan News that “the ministry secured families affected by the collapse of the building with temporary apartments and household needs.”

“The families will also be provided with mental health services by the Ministry of Social Development, the Ministry of Health, the Royal Medical Services, and associations,” he added.

He said that several organizations contacted the ministry to facilitate fundraising campaigns.

“We, in the ministry, are capable of providing all the needs of the families, but cannot close the door to those who offer to help. That is why we help them coordinate,” Khreis said.

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