Jordanian wrestler Nora Al-Tayyebin shines in global wrestling

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(Photo: Jordan Wrestling Federation)
AMMAN — Nora Al-Tayyebin, a Jordanian wrestler, aims to persist in her engagement in both Asian and global tournaments, having triumphed over the obstacles that marked the early stages of her sporting career. Recently, she partook in the Under-20 World Wrestling Championship held in Jordan, competing in the weight category under 53 kg. This accomplishment secured her position as the pioneer among Jordanian wrestlers to embrace the challenge of the World Cup.اضافة اعلان

Striving to continue the journey
In her conversation with Jordan News, she said, "my start with wrestling was tough, but I found encouragement and acceptance from my family and relatives. Today, I strive to continue the journey."

She continued, "I have engaged in numerous local matches, always harboring the ambition and passion to win. My recent participation in the World Cup makes me proud of what I have achieved in a short period."

She concluded, "My hobbies are about challenges and combat sports. I aim to represent my country in every possible championship, and I will not cease to pursue my dreams."

On his part, the national coach, Raed Al-Qaisi, responsible for training Tayyebin, affirms that she could have delivered a better performance in the World Cup after her exit from the first round. However, the experiences of the participating players surpassed her.

He added, "more support and attention will return us to the championship platforms. We thank the Jordan Wrestling Federation for providing this opportunity for the player to participate in the World Championship, the biggest opportunity since 1982."

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