Jordanian female athletes won 203 medals in local, int’l sports in 2022

Jordanian Olympic Committee
(Photo: Jordanian Olympic Committee)
AMMAN — Female athletes in Jordan won a total of 203 medals in various local and international sports in 2022, according to the Jordanian Olympic Committee. اضافة اعلان

The statistics were released on International Women's Day, Wednesday. 

Local and international successThe medals were won across a variety of sports and tournaments, including 6,286 local tournament participations and 350 foreign tournament participations.

The number of players in national teams reached 468, with 428 female coaches and 398 female referees.

Notable WinsAmong the standout successes was Juliana Al-Sadeq, the star of the national taekwondo team, who became the first Arab female player to top the world ranking list in the sport.

Meanwhile, Yara Kakish, a player on the national jiu-jitsu team, won the gold medal at the seventh Asian championship held in Bangkok.

Asmaa Abu Rabie, a member of the national sports shooting team, won first place and the gold medal in the air pistol (10m) competitions at the Arab championship held in Egypt.

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