Republicans threaten Biden nominees over boycott of Israel

US President Joe Biden. (File photo: Jordan News)
A report by Jewish Insider stated that a group of Republican senators is accusing US President Joe Biden of engaging in "an antisemitic boycott of Israel." اضافة اعلان

Their accusation stems from Biden's decision to end US support for science and technology collaboration with Israeli institutions in the occupied territories.

The senators, numbering 14, plan to send a letter to Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, which warns of potential blockage of confirmations unless the administration changes its policy, the New Arab reported.

According to the reported content of the letter, the senators emphasize that any effort to discriminate between territories Israel controlled before and after June 1967 would risk severing their ability to engage with the Department of State on these matters.

They argued that it is untenable for State Department officials to publicly express support for the US-Israel relationship while secretly promoting policies that undermine it.

Without reversing these trends, they claim that Congressional oversight and the timely vetting of nominees would become extremely difficult.

It is noted that Biden's policy represents a reversal of the previous administration led by former President Donald Trump, which permitted US taxpayer funding for Israeli scientific research in the occupied West Bank.

However, the letter seems to suggest that Biden's policy is entirely new, despite it being a return to a pre-Trump policy.

The letter also highlights that Biden's move "does something America has never done before: unilaterally imposing territorial restrictions on US scientific research aid to Israel."

The letter is spearheaded by Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and is endorsed by 13 other senators from the same party. While the Democrats hold a narrow majority in the Senate, an individual Republican has the ability to block a nominee at the committee level.

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