US administration requests $1.45 billion in annual aid to Jordan for 2024

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AMMAN — The US administration has submitted a request to provide $1.45 billion in annual aid to Jordan for the year 2024. This request aligns with the memorandum of understanding that outlines the financial assistance the US plans to offer Jordan over a seven-year period.اضافة اعلان

A report from the US Congressional Research Center, details the aid requested by the US administration, which is now awaiting approval from Congress, Al-Mamlaka TV, reported.

The proposed aid package includes $1.035 billion in economic assistance, $400 million in military financing, $3.8 million in grants for military education and training, $2.5 million for international drug monitoring and law enforcement programs, a $5.9 million grant to support counter-terrorism efforts and mine removal programs, and $2 million for global health initiatives.

Aid detailsThe law approving the appropriations of the US Department of State mandates the provision of $1.65 billion in bilateral foreign aid to Jordan for the year 2023.

This aid allocation encompasses over $1.2 billion in economic assistance, with $845 million designated as a direct cash transfer to the Jordanian government, in addition to $425 million in military aid.

The report emphasizes that this law "supports the Jordanian government in implementing sustainable economic reforms, including in the water and public sectors, in line with the provisions of the new memorandum of understanding between the US and the Jordanian government."

Citing a report from the central bank, the Congressional Research Center highlights that US economic aid to Jordan will contribute to the Jordanian government's economic reform agenda, alleviate the impact of the refugee crisis, and provide direct support to the government's non-military expenditures, thereby helping reduce the budget deficit.

40% of Jordan’s total aid
According to the Congressional Research Center, the annual US assistance to Jordan accounts for more than 40 percent of the Kingdom's total official aid received each year. Many US policymakers advocate for the continuation of robust US assistance to Jordan.

The fourth memorandum of understanding, signed on September 16, 2022, between the US and Jordan, commits the US administration to seek $1.45 billion in annual economic and military aid to Jordan over a span of seven years (2023–2029), pending congressional appropriations.

The total US bilateral assistance overseen by the Department of State and the Department of Defense provided to Jordan until the fiscal year 2020 reached approximately $26.4 billion.

Continuing bilateral aid commitment
As per the US Department of State, the fourth memorandum of understanding entails the US offering approximately $10.15 billion to Jordan over the next seven years.

A joint statement released following the memorandum's signing at the US State Department building in Washington affirms that this unique bilateral instrument signifies the US commitment to supporting Jordan's stability and underscores the strategic partnership between the two nations.

The statement asserts that "the US commitment to the security and prosperity of Jordan is unwavering."

The fourth memorandum of understanding is part of the ongoing strategic partnership between the US and Jordan.

The first memorandum was signed in 2008, providing $660 million in annual assistance for five years beginning in 2010. The second memorandum, signed in 2015, allocated $1 billion annually for three years. The third memorandum, signed in 2018, ensured $1.275 billion in annual aid for five years.

The forthcoming memorandum, set to replace the current one expiring in September 2022, will continue this bilateral aid commitment.

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