We will not evacuate Jerusalem Hospital while we are being bombed

(Photo: Twitter/X)
GAZA – The spokeswoman for the Palestinian Red Crescent, Nabal Farsakh, said on Sunday that the situation in Gaza is catastrophic, with a significant increase in the number of casualties among civilians, including children and women, according to Al-Mamlaka. اضافة اعلان

"We at the Palestinian Red Crescent are deeply concerned about the deteriorating humanitarian situation, and we are facing a humanitarian disaster if Israel carries out its threats and launches a ground incursion with airstrikes on both Gaza and the north," she said.

"We have an ambulance center of the Red Crescent and also the Jerusalem Hospital, and both of them, in addition to many hospitals in the threatened area, are at risk of being bombed at any moment."

"Yesterday, we received 3 threats from the Israeli occupation authorities to evacuate Jerusalem Hospital by 4 pm at the latest, and we did not evacuate it, nor will we."

Farsakh said there were at least 400 patients in intensive care that could not be safely evacuated and said staff were working around the clock with many of the paramedics and workers' families unable to communicate with their families.

Farsakh called for pressure on the Israeli occupation to cancel the evacuation order and allow the Red Crescent to carry out its humanitarian mission.

"The fuel in our warehouses may run out in two days, which means that ambulance vehicles will not be able to perform their duties," according to Farsakh.

She emphasized that there is a threat to bomb the ambulance center, hospitals, and health facilities in Gaza and the north, but all paramedics have refused to abandon their humanitarian duty, despite the danger and threats to their lives. They have remained at work for 9 days without leaving the ambulance centers, even though their communication has been cut off, and they do not know the fate of their families.

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